Okay, So How Do you Knit a Scarf Side-Ways?

Today I was reading The Yarnery blog and I see this cool scarf.

pattern #126

As I stared at it, I realized that it appears to be knit the long way across. As in, not many rows, but each row is three feet long!

That got me thinking a number of thoughts, such as…

  • What do you knit it on? What can hold that many stitches.
  • Would an alternating knit, purl pattern like that over such a long distance keep the scarf from curling?
  • Would it make my mohair/wool yarn behave?

But mostly, I wanted to know how to knit that many stitches across. If you know how it is done, please tell me. I wish the Yarnery sold that pattern at their new online store; I’d buy it to solve this mystery.


A Fit of Insanity

Okay. All I can say is, it’s Ayumi’s fault. One minute I’m a mild-mannered tech coordinator, and the next I’m ordering kits to knit toy animals. That doesn’t sound so deranged until you realize that the kits are in Japanese, and I DON’T READ JAPANESE!

I was using Babel Fish to translate the site and thinking, “This isn’t so hard. I should be able to translate what I need.” So I ordered. Then I realized that they aren’t sending me an electronic set of directions that I can paste into Babel Fish to translate. They will be sending me a paper pattern in the kit. Even if I scan it in, it will be a photo, not something I can feed into Babel Fish for translation.

And so I decided to go back in and cancel my order. But first, I looked at them one more time…

little elephant toy kit bull terrier toy kit

What was I thinking? Who could resist these? Plan B is to rely on friends who speak Japanese to help me translate. Blatant abuse of friendship, yes? Maybe I need to hire our school Japanese teacher to translate. That might be best.

Of course, all of this implies I have time to knit, which I don’t. I did knit on the plane last weekend on my way to and from a conference in Shanghai, but no time to knit once I was there. Did squeeze in almost 30 minutes this week because I actually went somewhere besides work so I had time to knit in taxis. As a result, my dad’s scarf is almost back to the point it was two weeks ago when I frogged it. I looks just the same so I won’t post a new photo, but it feels much softer since my knitting is much looser. Not lose, just looser.

Now I thought I finally had a whole day off to sleep and workout and write letters that are months overdue. Now Kent reminds me that friends are in town today from Korea and we are scheduled to see them. It will be a treat to see them, but this introverted girl is dying for some quiet time at home. Big apologies to all who are still waiting for me to respond to letters.