Getting Started – My First Lesson

Last weekend I had my first knitting lesson. Never mind that I learned to knit years ago and didn’t have problems. I started knitting again this fall and I seem to have relearned wrong. Seems I’m knitting in a strange way and that is making my tension really, really, REALLY tight. So tight that something knit on size 11 (US) needles looks like it was knit on size 5 needles- and it almost feels felted. (See, I TOLD you it was tight.)

And so patient Emy is helping me unlearn my old ways. She is amazingly good at seeing what I am doing and coming up with ways to fix it. In the course of last Sunday afternoon I knitted and purled in all sorts of ways. We finally fixed my knit, which was relatively easy. I just need a bit more practice to get a bit closer to gauge. However, my purl was a mess. I guess I knit was is called continental. To help me loosen up, Emy switched me to purling in the English way. I was a good sport and worked dutifully but I hate throwing the yarn. It feels really tedious.

In the end, I was able to loosen up enough that I could work with a modified continental purl. However, I need to practice it a bunch because if I stop concentrating, a stitch or two of the old way sneaks in and that affects which way the stitches face.

I don’t want to start the tunic I picked out until I get this worked out. Wish me luck.