A Valentine’s Day Bike Ride

I can’t remember the last time I rode my bike. It was probably in September before I was leveled by mycoplasma for 6-8 weeks.  In any case, it felt great to be with Kent and to be riding my bike today. The weather was perfect, sunny, breezy and cooler than usual.  Not cool; just cooler than usual.

Lots of other creatures seemed to agree that the weather was lovely.  I had lots of fun catching glimpses of the creatures below. None of the photos are mine. Hover over the photos for the credits.

First were the changeable lizards.  They are actually an interloper here in Singapore, pushing out the native green lizards.  Even so, I enjoy them. I occasionally catch a glimpse of them sunning on a tree or scampering across a sidewalk in my neighborhood.  Today, as we rode on a trail along a ridge, most of the trees sported a sunning lizard.











After we passed under the freeway and were on the trail between the greenhouse and the military base, I saw a flash of red in the jungle.  Perched on a tree was a common holdback. Or at least I think it was. I could only see the head and the breast, not the back.

Common Flameback , male (Dinopium javanense) - Flickr - Lip Kee

We often encounter long tailed macaques on the Mandai Park Connector.  Today they were aggressive.   It is mating season and we saw them loudly scolding children. They also chased Kent’s bike for a short distance. I rang my bike bell like crazy and they watched me intently but didn’t offer chase. I was more frightened one would dash erratically in front of me and we’d both get hurt.

Long-Tailed Macaque (7668280042)










As we rode out over the Seletar dam in the Upper Seletar Reservoir, there was a raptor riding the thermals far above the reservoir.  Unfortunately I couldn’t see it well enough to identify which raptor.

In the park by the dam we spotted a collared kingfisher on our way out and on our way back.  It was flying from the same spot each time. I wonder if it is nesting time for them.

Collared kingfisher (Todiramphus chloris) - Flickr - Lip Kee

On our way home, we were on Mandai Road near the crematorium.  We heard a crashing on the hill across the street.  It was a wild board. We just glimpsed it before in slipped into denser vegetation. Back in January I was in a taxi on the BKE at night and saw one eating the plants in the embankment. Before this year I don’t know that I’ve seen them here in Singapore.

Chek Jawa Wetlands 47 - Wild Boars


In addition to these animals, there were many butterflies. Most common were the yellow ones, the orange ones and black ones with a greenish-yellow stripe.  However, I never had a clear enough view to identify them – just enjoyed them.

The entire ride was 10.75 miles.  We walked in smelling the Slow Cooker Creamy Tortellini, Spinach and Chicken soup.

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