Heather’s Christmas Scarf

A number of years ago Heather was kind enough to make me some indoor session scarfs. I wore them out. This year, I decided to return the favor. The pattern I decided on was the Dream Weaver Luxury Scarf by Natalie Sapanaro.  The yarn it calls for is sequined beaded.I didn’t know that Heather would actually wear sequined scarves so I went with Moonshine by Juniper Moon Farm in colorway 108.  It is a worsted / 10 ply yarn made with  40% Alpaca, 40% Wool, 20% Silk.  The skein held 180 meters / 100 grams.  It is a lovely, drapey yarn.


The pattern is a simple two row with rest on the WS.  The pattern pulls the yarn so the scarf slants slightly on the bias. I liked that effect.


Despite how simple the pattern is, I managed to make numerous mistakes resulting in lots of frogging.  At one point, this straight scarf had a bend like an elbow in it.  Oops.  In any case, I am pleased with the finished product and Heather seems to be, which is most important.  Given how cold it is in Minnesota right now, I hope she is wearing it.



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