New Sofa Set

One of the delights of spring in an international school is that all the people who are leaving start selling off their belongings. We have a mail group at work for people can post the things they are selling. Those of us who are staying start hunting that list looking for good buys.

Our best buy this spring was a new living room set. These are the photos taken by the person who sold it.  They turned out better than the ones in our living room since his light was better.


IMG_1110 IMG_1111



We are delighted with how comfortable it is.  Thankfully, the cats have not been scratching it.  They like that they can walk along the back edge of it. They also like the laying on the wide arms.


Kent’s students are delighted that we brought the old sofa to school. It is very economical. At our place it usually only sat three people. In his classroom it regularly seats eight.



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