The New Furniture Inspectors at Work

Last weekend we had a bit of a fiasco that worked out fine in the end.  Spring is the time when some teachers leave our school and others need to our want to move to a new home.  As a result, lots of home furnishings are available via the Want Ads newsgroup.

Kent spotted two nice altar tables.  He made a commitment to purchase them. The teacher was moving house so he needed them picked up by Saturday.  We needed to find a man with a van.

We checked on Want Ads for that and found a few who were well recommended. The first one we contacted agreed to do the job for us on Saturday.

Friday night, as we were rushing out the door for a wine dinner, I received a text from him. All it said was, “van broke.”  I was a bit peeved. He can’t help his van breaking down but when I asked if he could help us find a replacement since it was such very short notice, he texted, “try classifieds.”

We tried to contact another driver between courses of the dinner but couldn’t find a van.

The next day, we were in a real bind so I booked a 7 seater taxi.  When he arrived we asked if could could transport the tables in his taxi.  He was not happy about it, but he agreed. When we hauled the tables out he was even more dismayed but he went right to work folding down and turning around seats so it all fit.  He earned a large tip.

When we hauled the tables to our apartment, the cats assumed the role of New Furniture Inspectors. First they inspected together…


Then they worked separately.


Ultimately they decided the tables were Good Things. I often walk into the room to see one of them standing on the table top or shelf. One night during dinner, Batu had fun leaping from the altar table to our shoe bench to the floor to a shelf, and so on.

Silly us. All along we figured we’d like the tables. We just didn’t realize they were also cat toys.


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