The Incredible, Merging Blogs

It is with great sadness that I mark the demise of I thought it was a brilliant blogging platform. If you could send an email, then you could blog.

During my first year in Singapore I started a Posterous blog called Eye of the Beholder.  I loved being able to email photos as blog posts. I even made a few short-lived attempts at Photo 365 challenges. It has been a simple way to document my life here.


When Posterous announced it would be closing, I tried to find a service that could print that blogs into a book for me. That service is available for other blogging platforms but not this one. I wondered what to do with my blog.

Fortunately, created an importer for Posterous .xml files. This afternoon, I sucked my Eye of the Beholder Posterous blog into this one. Other that a few missing videos and a few sideways photos, it came in cleanly. I am appreciative and impressed.

So, hence forth, this is both a knitting and a daily life blog. You’ve been warned.


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