Knitting for Others

The Geri Johnson, the director of our Early Childhood program at school is highly involved with, an organization which provides a free, basic education to poor children. Most of their work is with girls. Most of it is in India.  For $25 a year I can fund a full year scholarship for a child. My friends and families know I love to give scholarships in other people’s names as a stocking stuffer at Christmas time.

Geri has visited project schools often.  She mentioned to my friend Maggie how cold it was there in the winter and that the children had no hats or scarves.  Maggie, being Maggie, promptly started knitting hats and scarves for Geri to bring on her next trip.

I have finally joined in.  I dug through my stash. I have lots of sock yarn.  I thought sock yarn would take forever to knit into a hat, and would make such a thin hat that it wouldn’t be very warm.  I decide to experiment with holding two strands of the yarn together. It worked quite well.  I created this hat using the Baby Pixy Hat pattern and some frogged stash yarn.

Baby Pixy hat

I love how stretchy and warm the hat is. Holding the yarn double made for a nicely heathered fabric. Only problem is that the hat is a bit small.  Geri, being Geri was nonplussed.  She said it would fit a younger sib.

I tried the Hurricane Hat pattern for my next hat.  Holding the Araucania Ranco Multy yarn double made for a lovely, dense fabric.  I was very pleased with the yarn, the pattern and the size of the hat. I tried it on a few first grade noggins and it fit well.  The children tend to be very petite compared to the students at our school so it should be a good fit. It looks uneven here but when it is blocked it will be awesome.

Hurricane Hat

For the next hat, I used a simple stocking cap pattern.  I can’t remember which one. I used Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Mediumweight in the Pink Granite Colorway.  This isn’t the hat, but it is the colorway. I gave the hat to Geri before I snapped a photo. The fabric was dense but the hat wasn’t very stretchy.  I didn’t love the way the colorway was knitting up. Holding the yarn double was making the colorway do weird things. Screenshot_4_27_13_6_33_PM

I had two other hats in progress but last weekend I started this hat because I was going to have a bunch of knitting time but needed it to be mindless knitting at the salon and on the train.  Both of those hats had reasons they weren’t the best choice for that environment.   This new hat is in worsted weight which made it knit up quickly.  The yarn is RichMore Spectre Modem Printed.  It is lovely yarn and the colorway worked well with the Hats of Hope pattern. This is a super pattern. It is dead simple, makes a warm, dense fabric, and his very stretchy.  The kid child who receives this hat will likely lose the hat long before they outgrow it. [Note: the top looks funky in this photo. However, the decreases look fine when the hat is actually on a head.]
Hats of Hope #1I hope to finish one of the other works in progress by Monday so that Geri can take it with her Tuesday night when she flies to India.  If I finish it, you’ll see it here.


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