April 2: 2012: A Shawl for Me!

Last fall while winding wool for make Christmas gifts, I had a hank that refused to wind nicely. No matter what I tried it was unwinding as a tangled mess.  It was lovely yarn but I could tell it would take hours to wind it correctly.  I asked my amazing knitting friend Lois if she wanted to deal with it. She knits shawls amazingly quickly.    She said yes, but it took us a few months to hook up. She didn’t receive the yarn until January or even February.


Imagine my surprise and delight when at our next knit out she presented me with the yarn knit up as this lovely shawl.  A bunch of them worked together to untangle the yarn before she knit it.  Working together it took almost two hours to get it wound correctly.


 Neither of these pictures do it justice. The yarn has tiny metallic flecks which sounds ugly but is really quite lovely because they are so subtle.
The shawl is light and soft and warm. Every time I wear it I smile and feel loved.


One thought on “April 2: 2012: A Shawl for Me!

  1. I remember this! L has to take some inches from me to finished off the shawl coz yr yarn was running out! ….and YES! I’m stalking yr blog (:

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