Monkey on Upper Seletar Reservoir

Kent and I took a lovely bike ride out to the reservoir. We went a bit earlier so it was cooler. It was also quite windy for Singapore.


I like this route. It is mostly of road using the park link connector trails that went in recently. One part of the route goes behind the sports school. There are usually people flying lovely kites near there. Next we cross under the expressway and have garden nurseries on one side and the wooded boundary of the military base on the other side. We usually see interesting birds and plants through here. Today I saw two cobalt blue kingfishers. Their orange beaks always appear to be made of cheap plastic.


We hit very heavy traffic near the columnbarium. Turns out these are the two weeks many people visit their ancestors. Fortunately because there were so many cars, buses and pedestrians the traffic was slow. We walked a bit of the way but were able to ride the rest.


As we rode over the dam I saw the first of many lizards. It was either a small monitor lizard or a large other type of lizard. It was sunning along the edge if the dam. Poor thing dove in front of my bike to get to the brush on the other side of the trail. I narrowly missed it.


On the other side of the dam we saw this monkey in a parking lot tree. There are usually monkeys in this parking lot. Oddly enough here were no monkeys at what we’ve taken to calling the monkey bus stop which usually hosts troop of them.


On the way home Another sunning lizard (also about two feet long) dove in front of my bike. From a safer distance I saw three other types of lizards enjoying the sun. All in all it was a most enjoyable ride. I am very pleased I purchased a bike to bring back here last summer. It has opened up parts of Singapore I would not have seen by taxi or train.


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