Further Cat progress

Look at this! They are tolerating each other quite well.Yesterday was first time I could pet both simultaneously.


They are not yet enjoying each other’s company. They still hiss and growl if startled, but this is great progress in less than a month.


Batu still tears around even though no one is chasing her. Today Ella started doing that on her own. If they did it together now I think it would end in a fight. However, it gives me hope that they will play together in the future.




We have been forcing Batu and Ella to be around each other more often this week. Batu was still pretty scared but Ella was not being aggressive.

This afternoon we left them alone together for quite a few hours. It was longer than we had expected. Fortunately all was fine. Neither showed any sign of fighting and Batu is much calmer now. Maybe they talked it out?

Here is Ella chilling on the sofa. She has just started jumping up on it. Last week that was too scary for her.