Bike Ride to the Causeway


On Sunday Kent and I biked north to the causeway between Singapore and Malaysia.  Here is a shot across the causeway. That is Johor Baru, Malaysia on the other side.  (Yep. My cell phone camera doesn’t have a zoom.)  

It was a great bike ride.  I hadn’t been on that particular route before.  We didn’t get rained on or have to race a storm.  That was nice for a change.   We also enjoyed the lack of traffic. It was a Sunday morning and a holiday so not only were their few cars, there were few people out.

Kent sets a good pace. I tend to bike too fast and get tired. He sets a pace he can maintain for hours.  We were only out for about 2 hours. Even so, I slept soundly last night.  

Between the bike ride and household chores I managed to walk more than 10,000 steps yesterday. That’s a first for 2012.
(And no, I don’t know why the font size is varying on this page.  I set it all to the same size.)



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