Friday night Kent installed two baby gates in the doorway to Ella’s room. To our surprise, Batu is scared of her. She won’t go up to the doorway. Any time she sees Ella she hisses and then slinks away.

By this afternoon she was pretty worn out with it all. She needed a good snuggle.




Ella Grazes

To help Ella get used to the apartment we have let her out of her room when Batu is in the bedroom. On Thursday evening she went out on the balcony. She was pretty jumpy at first. Then she quelled her nerves by trying to eat the plants…

CNY Blooms


Our neighbor has these lovely flowering plants outside their apartment. I enjoy seeing them as we come and go. It is traditional to have blooming plants in the home for the new year. Happy Year of the Dragon!


Bike Ride to the Causeway


On Sunday Kent and I biked north to the causeway between Singapore and Malaysia.  Here is a shot across the causeway. That is Johor Baru, Malaysia on the other side.  (Yep. My cell phone camera doesn’t have a zoom.)  

It was a great bike ride.  I hadn’t been on that particular route before.  We didn’t get rained on or have to race a storm.  That was nice for a change.   We also enjoyed the lack of traffic. It was a Sunday morning and a holiday so not only were their few cars, there were few people out.

Kent sets a good pace. I tend to bike too fast and get tired. He sets a pace he can maintain for hours.  We were only out for about 2 hours. Even so, I slept soundly last night.  

Between the bike ride and household chores I managed to walk more than 10,000 steps yesterday. That’s a first for 2012.
(And no, I don’t know why the font size is varying on this page.  I set it all to the same size.)


Meet Ella

Meet Ella. For now she lives in our guest room. She arrived Saturday morning and settled in quickly. Full of purrs and head bumps she soon started going to the door and giving us the “Let’s get out of here” look.

Then Batu started crying to be let in. Ella hissed, growled, and hid under the bed for a long time. That continued all day and into the next any time Batu came calling.

Yesterday afternoon Ella spent some time with me in the kitchen. She was delighted to discover part of her carrier. She tested out Batu’s litter box. Eventually she fell into a cautious sleep.

Today she explored our bedroom and bath while I worked on my French lesson. At first she was very scared. Eventually she started having fun exploring. She spent a long time sniffing where Kapas used to sleep.

She let me know she really wants to go outside. The window was cracked open. She jumped up and hung from the window ledge by her nails. No leaving the windows open around her. She will love our screened balcony.

Today when Batu came crying at the door, Ella stayed calm. I took this photo at that time.


We are making progress.

Thank You Kapas!

Just a few photos to remember dear Kapas who died on January 7. 

She first came into my life in September 2002 thanks to Megan, a former colleague. She knew Kapas’ original owner, knew she’d been abandoned, saw she wasn’t making it on her own and so found her a home with me.

She brought Kapas over on my birthday, September 19.

Here is Kapas in Singapore, enjoying the Sunday afternoon sun.

She spent time each day out on the balcony.

Kapas liked to be under blankets. When frightened in KL she would hide under the bedspread.  In cold Minnesota she loved to snuggle beneath the down comforter.  In Singapore she would snuggled beneath the bedspread next to Kent when he would read on weekend afternoons. 


In the evenings, and sometimes earlier in the day, she took great delight in chasing sponge balls. 


Any time I brought flowers home, she would check them out.


The cats recognized that suitcases meant we were going away. Kapas often climbed into Kent’s suitcase. She seemed to say, “Take me with you.”


When we came home from trips late at night, she would do a happy dance, rubbing against us and our luggage.


I don’t have many photos of Kapas with this intent, alert, loving look on her face.  I’m glad I have this one.


Like most cats, Kapas has a gift for find the most comfortable places in the condo. I love how the tapestries compliment the colors of her fur.

Kapas was a great mom for Batu.  I found Batu the same day I adopted Kapas.  Batu was only 13 weeks old. Kapas was a patient mom who took time to play with Batu and treat her with love.

Kapas, thank you for being in our lives for almost ten years.  We miss you dearly. We are glad you aren’t suffering anymore.

Goodbye Sweetie.