Quick Progress Update


I’ve been knitting a bit. Here are progress photos…










Garter Ribbed


And now for an FO…

Lacewing Fixation – Despite my challenges knitting them, they are super comfortable. Color most accurate in first photo.


What’s on my Needles?

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

In honor of the holiday we have two days off of work so here I am.

Longest on my needles are my Waving, Not Drowning socks.  I knit on them for much of our trip to Sri Lanka with Kent’s cousin Beth and her husband John.  We traveled mostly by van so I had lots of good knitting time. No, I didn’t think to take any travel photos with the sock.  In any case, I am in the home stretch and may even finish them this weekend.


Next up are my new Broadripple socks knit in Cascade Fixation spray-dyed effect in the pacific ocean colorway.  A colorway that is knitting up a bit on the wild side. These are my super simple take along socks.  Despite the pattern only being two rows long, and one row being all knit, I noticed a number of mistakes yesterday in the taxi and had to drop down to fix them. Fortunately that is easily done with this pattern. I wear these colors often so I should get good use out of them.


As with the Waving, Not Drowning socks I am knitting these two-at-a-time using magic loop. I wish I could decide how long to make them. This yarn shrinks over time.  I thought of swatching first and then washing, but it takes a number of washings for them to shrink and couldn’t be bothered.  On the other hand, if I don’t throw them in the dryer they may not shrink at all.  I just ran my Pretty Comfy socks through the dryer because they were getting too lose.

My newest pair of socks are flying off the needles.  The combination of DK weight yarn and time to knit during a two day PD event was a good one.  The pattern is Lace Wings Fixation Socks by Anna Belinda. As the name suggests, they are knit with Cascade Fixation yarn.  I have found this cotton/elastic yarn really comfortable in steamy Singapore.

The pattern is only four rows long and two of those rows are knit.  All was well until late last week when I realized that I was on a different row of the pattern from one sock to the other despite knitting them at the same time on two circular needles.  Grrrrr….  I think I have them back on track now. However, the cuff is wider than the rest of the sock.  I guess the lacewing pattern pulls in more than the ribbing.  They fit fine but it looks strange when not on my leg.

Last is the ever aggravating Elm Row Scarf. It was going so well. I was six repeats from the end when I noticed a Big Problem.  I tinked back but must have kept dropping stitched as I went because I kept never ending up on a row that matched the pattern.  Now it is about half as long.  It had been banished from my sight until GetItKnitted fixed it in about ten minutes. She’s my hero!