Feliz Navidad!

Gemma, Ninfa and their friends came caroling tonight. They are so good!


Ellie Cat

Meet Ellie.

At least, that is what I call her.  She is a local stray that I have watched grow from kitten to adult.  She is well-fed by various people at the condos.  Unfortunately, that doesn't fill her hunger for affection and attention. I carry a small amount of kibble on my walk, not because she needs the food, but because if I don't feed her she follows me.

She knows me well enough now that when she sees me coming she makes a certain cry and rushes out of the bushes to greet me.  I enjoy seeing her, but I wish she had a forever home.  I do wonder if she could be happy as an indoor cat after all this time on her own.

Synchronized Snails

On my walk this morning I happened upon these synchronized snails. Snails such as these are a common sight in Singapore. They are on the grass, crossing the sidewalk, climbing buildings.

When I first saw them they were eating cat kibble. I didn't know they did that.  I was also surprised to discover that they have two sets of antennae.  On further research when I arrived home, the long ones have "eyes" on the ends of them.  The shorter pair are for feeling things.  They have denticles on their tongues, teeth-like ridges. They secrete mucus to help them "walk".   They are the slowest moving land creature, averaging 0.03 mph.