Sept. 30: Rusty Busty

Not quite sure about the Busty part, but Rusty Busty is the newest addition to the Pelletier family. The Ed, Jay, Jim, and I were at their home today to plan what we will do for the school board deep dive meeting on Oct. 30. After our work, Rusty was let back into the room. I wish all the growls he was making had been captured on the video, but even without them it captures puppy playfulness quite well.

Sept. 26: Basking


I took a different photo today, but then realized it would be a spoiler for a holiday gift. Therefore, you get yet another cat photo.  Both cats tend to spend some time on the balcony during the afternoon.  

Sept. 22, 1010: Snails

The theme for today is snails.  We had a bunch of rain today and then it remained overcast which seems to be prime snail weather conditions.  I snapped this shot because I don’t often see the underside of snails.  


I also do not usually see them this far out of their shells.  



Both shots taken with my new HDR app on my phone.