September 12, 2010: A Gecko in the Sink

I was lifting dishes out of the sink this morning and discovered I was not alone.  Our kitchen gecko was in there, possibly hiding under a plate.  I wasn’t able to get a great image because I didn’t want to scare it.  I had to lighten the photo afterwards rather than use a flash.


I love having a kitchen gecko.  No more ants thanks to it.  It usually hides behind the microwave during the day so I was surprised to find it here.  

Geckos, like chameleons, are able to change color.  If this one were on my kitchen wall it would be tan.  Here it is trying to look metallic, something nature probably never intended so it isn’t very well camouflaged.  

I tend to not move wild things because they are so easily injured.  Kent successfully moved it to the counter a short time later since it didn’t seem inclined to leave the sink on its own.



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