September 12, 2010: A Gecko in the Sink

I was lifting dishes out of the sink this morning and discovered I was not alone.  Our kitchen gecko was in there, possibly hiding under a plate.  I wasn’t able to get a great image because I didn’t want to scare it.  I had to lighten the photo afterwards rather than use a flash.


I love having a kitchen gecko.  No more ants thanks to it.  It usually hides behind the microwave during the day so I was surprised to find it here.  

Geckos, like chameleons, are able to change color.  If this one were on my kitchen wall it would be tan.  Here it is trying to look metallic, something nature probably never intended so it isn’t very well camouflaged.  

I tend to not move wild things because they are so easily injured.  Kent successfully moved it to the counter a short time later since it didn’t seem inclined to leave the sink on its own.


Summer Projects and New WIPs

Summer back in Minnesota was a soul-satisfying retreat of time with family and friends.  I never fit in as much knitting as I think I will, but I still accomplished quite a bit.

The BIG project this summer was a ten-stitch baby blanket for Kent’s cousin’s baby due in August.


Ten Stitch Blanket (Ravelry Link)
Plymouth Encore Worsted Colorspun
Colorway: 7722

It is the same pattern I used for the first blanket that I completed.  However, this time I used worsted weight instead of sock weight.  It turned out much better. I was able to finish it in time to send it off the day before I headed back to Singapore.  His cousin was delighted and sent me a note that is on his crib waiting for him to arrive.

Another summer project was to finish my Starry Ribbed Socks.  They are a simple top-down pair of K3,P1 socks.  I ran into a a weird gauge problem around the ankles but a few washes has tightened them up. The colors are untrue in this photo. The sock actually very dark colors with metallic flecks.  I bought it through DNBY because I love Dream in Color’s Smooshy yarn so much. This yarn wasn’t quite as nice– not as smooshy but still a nice sock yarn.

Starry Ribbed Socks

Starry Ribbed Sock
Dream in Color Stardust Experimental
Colorway: Midnight Madness

I continued work on my un-ending Ribbed Lace socks.  I knit a lot with little to show for it.  I had to knit the heel turn three times and it still isn’t right so I’ll try again.  I prefer socks with heel flap and gusset, but turning a heel on a toe up sock isn’t nearly as fun as turning one on a top down sock.  I’ll pick it up again sometime and conquer that heel, but for now I’m enjoying new projects.

First on the needles was a sweater I began last summer.  It is the Origami Pullover.  I haven’t loved any photos I’ve seen of this sweater, but Lila and Claudine’s had a sample of it in their store that made me swoon.  Fit me to a T and was flattering.  It is a truly mindless project since it is knit as two long rectangles in K1, P1.  I have the smaller one done that will become the front of the sweater.  I’ve done about five or six inches of the wider back panel.  It is a good travel project when I have room to carry it.  It is a pattern from Frog Tree and I am using the recommend yarn, Frog Tree Sport Melange Alpaca.


I cast on a new pair of socks as a travel project for when I don’t have the room to bring the sweater.  I am knitting Violet Green’s Waving, Not Drowning pattern, a title that makes me laugh out loud.   I am using a skein of Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints that I scored from the Bella Lana yarn shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Louisecat25 brought me there because the store is too good to not visit.


The pattern is easy. It is a four row repeat and rows 1,3 and 4  are stockinette . Row 2 is a feather and fan pattern.  This makes for a great travel sock. I’m knitting them using magic loop on size 00 needles.

I started a holiday gift today as well.  Not sure if it will be done for this coming Christmas but it might.  I am flying to Shanghai for a conference this month, and the flights might be a great time to work on it. It is the Good Luck Cowl by Christianne Gerstner.


I cast on in the taxi on the way to our September knit out.  I was able to finish the first repeat of the pattern.  It is an easy pattern so hopefully all will go well. It has so far.  I am knitting it magic loop as well on size 3 needles.  I was worried it was too loose but the more experienced knitters said it was fine.

I didn’t intend to only update this blog quarterly, but considering that I don’t spend much time knitting during the school year, I may not write again for a while. Thanks for reading.

September 9, 2010: Aiden’s Blanket

I forgot to post a picture of Aiden’s blanket. I finished it two days before I left the US.  Here it is washed and blocked but without the ends woven in.  Making a worsted weight blanket is so much quicker than making one out of sock yarn.  

Despite the yarn being 75% acrylic and 25% wool, it still smelled like a wet mitten when I washed it.  On the plus size there is enough wool to block it and it has that good wool springiness which made it fun to knit.

Ten Stitch Blanket
8 balls of Plymouth Yarn Encore Colorspun Worsted
in the 7722 colorway

August 8, 2010: Two Birthdays and a New Friend

August 8 is both Kent’s and Leanne’s birthday. In honor of that we meet Leanne and Kang Atung at a Thai restaurant in a mall across town.  It was our first time to get more than a glimpse of their delightful daughter who is called Tirta for short.  

We actually managed to have decent conversations despite having such a beguiling distraction dining with us. We only degenerated into a baby talk a few times, but who could resist?




August 27, 2010: Afternoon Snooze


Kapas likes lots of brushing and petting, but on her own terms.  Her terms are that we are bent in half on the couch while she dances around on the floor.  Not comfortable but even if we get her to jump onto the couch she stays less than a minute.  

At least that’s how it was until this week when I realized that what she really wanted was MY spot on the sofa.  Once I gave that to her she slept next to me for more than an hour. Like I said, it needs to be on her terms.

September 8, 2010: It Starts Out So Peacefully…

This is a typical scene in our household. It always starts out so peacefully.  Usually Kapas comes to where ever Batu is sleeping and gives her a nice bath.  However, in less than a minute it usually degenerates. Fortunately they both seem to enjoy it. 


I am getting a bit better at video.  I am impressed how well iMovie was able to improve the exposure since I shot this at night on my iphone 3GS with only one incandescent light on in the room. The source video was dark.  Interesting that it ended up black and white even though I was shooting in color.