160/365 Winnipeg Folk Festival


The festival has been great so far. I knew very few of the groups that were going to be here, and I haven’t heard any of them so it has been enjoyable to hear “new” music. This particular picture was shot at Shady Grove stage.  On that stage is Greg Brown’s daughter Pieta Brown, Arlo Guthrie’s daugher, Sarah Lee Guthrie, and Pete Seeger’s grandson, Tao Seeger.  They are all strong musicians in their own right, but for this set they drew on their roots.  Afterwards, I bought one of Pieta’s albums.  (Are they still called albums?  

Part of the fun of the festival has been watching families.  Babies and toddlers are loving their time here. Lots of attention. Lots to watch.  Toddlers are loving being able to run and yell without anyone stopping them. Older children are having fun with juggling sticks.  Teens and college students flit by with scanty clothes, body paints, and dancing feet. All are entertaining to watch as I knit on the baby blanket for Kent’s cousin Amy’s baby.

Yesterday was hot but breezy. Today was overcast with a few moments of drizzle which made it a bit cooler.  

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