147/365 June 2010: Le Hien Restaurant

One restaurant we wanted to try in Hanoi was one run by the french chef Didier Corlou. He used to work at the Sofitel Metropole in Hanoi.  One day when we felt like we would expire from heat and dehydration we stumbled into a courtyard on our street. We ordered drinks and as we read the menu, we realized that this was a second restaurant run by Mr. Corlou.

We were so delighted with our starters and drinks that we returned the next day for lunch.  We were given a room of our own the second floor. We had a delicious lunch and made plans to have a dinner later in the week.  

After the meal, Sue looked out the window to the kitchen below.  It was then she noticed that there was a tree growing in the kitchen. Not only a tree, but a tree growing at an angle.  I would think that made using the kitchen challenging and a rather wet experience when it rained.


We asked one of the servers about it. She said it was a guava tree.  Here is another view so you can see it coming out the ceiling. 





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