Pretty Comfy Socks!

Yay! I just finished kitchenering the toes and weaving in the loose ends.  The pattern is Pretty Comfy knit with two skeins of Cascade Fixation yarn in the 2137 colorway (lot number 227054).  I used all but two golf-ball sized balls of the two skeins.


My modifications: I knit them two-at-a-time on two circular needles.  I added a heel flap and gusset rather than the short row heel the pattern calls for. I continued the slip stitch onto the bottom of the heel to make them cushy.   Notice the shadow in the top right corner of the photo. Batu was the sock inspector today.

Pretty Comfy Socks

They are a bit large for my size 7.5 feet, but since I tend to machine wash and occassionally machine dry my socks made with Fixation, I know they will shrink a bit.  I also started the toes a bit late. Next time I knit top-down socks I’ll start the toe at the base of my little toe instead of the base of my big toe.

Other knitting progress, my Stary Ribbed socks are waiting for me to have daylight hours in which to turn their heels and pick up their gusset stitches.

My Lacy Ribbed socks are toe-up and they are waiting for me to start the gusset increases. I took them with as traveling socks yesterday while I was at my annual health screening. Big mistake. The silky yarn kept jumping off the needles when I’d set them down.

This is an old picture – they are a few inches longer now but look essentially the same.

Lacy Ribbed Socks

I am realizing that since the yarn is not stretchy and has lovely stitch definition which is wasted on this pattern, I should have done cables or some other more defined stitch. I am also realizing that while this stitch is stretchy, it isn’t going to stay up well. I think I will modify  these  into anklets with a long fold-over cuff so that they are not too slouchy. The lace won’t show very well if the socks slouch. Do you see a better solution?  Please let me know if you do.


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