113/365 May 16, 2010: Pretty Comfy

Here they are!  I’m finished and plan to wear them to work tomorrow.  Notice the sock inspector’s shadow in the top corner of the photo?


The toes are a bit short. Next time I’ll start the toe decreases when I reach the base of my little toe, not the base of my big toe.  I like that I continued the heel’s slip stitch pattern to the bottom of the sock. That makes them nice and cushy.



Overall, the socks are bit big.  However, I have other socks knit in this yarn and so I know they shrink a bit, especially if they find their way into the dryer.  They are fine to wear now and should also be fine after a few dryings.


I have two other pairs of socks in partial completion.  The Starry Ribbed socks are waiting for me to turn the heels and pick up the gusset stitches. The yarn is so dark I can not see to do that at night.  My other pair is the Lacy Ribbed socks knit with the Panda Silk.  They are my first pair of toe-up socks.  I am about to start the gusset increases.



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