111/365 May 13: Resort World on Sentosa

Thursday evening we went to a wine tasting dinner with our friends Rick and Mary.  It was held at Resort World on Sentosa. This is a new resort which also contains a casino. This was my first time on Sentosa Island which is off the south coast of Singapore’s main island.  There is a bridge which connects Sentosa to the main island.


These are the lanterns in the main lobby.  



Walking through the halls feels like a classy airport. The same expensive stores are here as at the airport.



Here are Adman and Eve. If you look really closely you can see a red apple on the ground between them.



The dinner was exceptional, and each course was designed to showcase one or two of the Australian wines crafted by the same company. It was all delicious, but the starter was my favorite.



I really wish it was on a Friday.  Not so easy to pop out of bed and head to work after being out on a Thursday night.  We were all a bit sleepy, but I’m glad we went.  Mary will be on leave next year to be with her mother, so it was probably our last dinner out with these friends as a couple for at least a year.  We do plan to dine with Rick regularly next year while he’s being a bachelor.



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