110/365 May 12: Further Sock Progress

I am making progress on my Pretty Comfy socks.  I’m doing better at not pulling this yarn too tightly.  It has some elastic in it and I’m learning to keep the yarn slack enough that it isn’t stretched.

I’ve modified this pattern to have a heel flap instead of the short row type of heel that is on most store bought socks.  I know they look prettier with a short row heel, but then the heel is inside my shoes, so who sees it but me?  And I think a heel flap is much more comfortable and better fitting.  See the triangle of fabric that starts next to the heel flap and heads towards the toe?  That is called the gusset.  Store bought socks don’t have one of those, they just stretch from your heel to your toes.  When you make a heel flap, you then get a gusset, and since your foot does have a triangular spot right there, this leads to a better fit.  It is also adjustable; you can make the heel flap taller or shorter depending upon the height of the arch of the person who will wear them.

Not too terrible a photo – that is surprising since it was taken at night in a rather dark room on my iphone.  Lots of noise in it, but you can still see the socks.  I’ll take a photo with my good camera when they are finished.





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