101/365 May 1, 2010: The Furniture Moving Trauma

I rearranged a bit in our living room today so that the most comfortable chair could be by a light.  I never dreamed Kapas would find this so upsetting.  

First she spent TEN MINUTES walking back and forth from the three pieces I moved (two love seats and a chair.)

Next she climbed onto the farthest away love seat and yowled.  After that she hid under the dining room table and watched the moved pieces– maybe to see if they were going to move again.

Then she climbed onto a dinning room chair that I had moved next to my chair. She stared at me.

Finally, she climbed onto the other love seat. That’s the one she most often sleeps on – see her carrier? She likes to nap in it. There she seemed to realize that it was indeed her sofa. She spent time rubbing against the pillows and poking her head into the carrier.  


After that, she climbed onto the dining room chair beside me and settled down. I was busily working on papers for a course I was taking.  I wonder if she would have found it so upsetting if she had watched me move the furniture.



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