92/365 April 15, 2010: Corn

Corn is a new world food.  There was no corn in S.E. Asia until colonists brought it as an animal feed.  However, the locals soon decided it was fit to eat and now it pops up all over.  You can buy a cup of buttered corn (not popcorn) at the movie theater. You can also buy carmel corn and cheese corn – both popped.  There is corn ice cream.  Not ice cream with corn syrup in it, but corn flavored ice cream. 

I snapped this photo in a convenience store outside the MRT station.  It is shelf-stable, vacuum-packed sweet corn.  I can buy tuna packed that way back in the USA. This package was in the snacks aisle so I assume you are supposed to tear open the pack and feast as you walk home. 

Of course you’d never do that in the MRT– no eating or drinking allowed there.  I once had to take an antibiotic at a specific time.  I was waiting on the platform so I pulled out my water bottle and used the water to wash down the pill.  People stared openly that I dared to drink in the train station.  




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