80/365 March 27: Airbus A380 to Singapore

No photos from March 26.  We rose early and our taxi picked us up shortly after 7:30.  We made good time to the airport and were able to see Diane to her check in line before finding the shuttle and heading to our terminal.  

The flight was long – more than 13 hours.  The Airbus A380 is a lovely plane. It has more room. The seats recline differently somehow so it doesn’t wound the knees of tall people sitting behind.  The cabin pressure is better so you don’t end up quite as dry on these long flights.  Each seat has its own entertainment system so I watched movies all the way home, including Avatar, Percy Jackson and the Olympians,  a Disney movie about the frog prince set in New Orleans, an Irish comedy about two weddings, and a Japanese comedy about physics.  The food was fine.  

The only bad part was that French security had confiscated by wooden knitting needles.  I pointed out that they were the same size and shape as a pen which he allowed. He concurred but confiscated them anyway.  So I knit with the innards of two pens.  Not an easy task and at one point the pens began leaking!  Still I am now on the last edge of the blanket I have been knitting for months.  I hope I can get new needles so I don’t need to continue using the pens.

As we disembarked, I realized I wasn’t the only one interested in the plane.  Many, many of the passengers were lined up snapping photos.  I only had my phone so this photo doesn’t do it justice.


Our furkids were delighted to see us and stayed nearby where ever we were.  Here’s Batu snuggled against me while I work on the computer. 



Later that evening she snoozed beside me. She looks so big here.  It must be the camera angle.



Unfortunately, we were bad and went to sleep when we arrived home at 8 am.  We had almost no jet lag in Paris but since we did this I expect we will have some here.



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