79/365 March 25, Lunch and the Cluny Museum

Steve’s family was up early with many places to visit on Thursday. Kent, Diane and I had a late start because we couldn’t figure out the French phones. We were trying to make arrangements for our trip to the airport the next day, but none of the numbers we had did anything but give us a busy signal. Finally we sent emails to a number of options (none of which were replied to) and headed out.  

Unfortunately, the predicted rain has started. I decide the trip we had planned to a garden should be postponed. We ducked into a restaurant in our neighborhood to revise our plans.   Kent and Diane shared a cheese and meat plate.


It came with the ubiquitous salad and was delicious.



Since it was my last day in Paris I ordered the fixed price three course meal. It started with a mushroom salad with a lovely lemon dressing. That was followed by liver. It was well prepared, but I discovered that I still don’t like liver.



The restaurant was decorated with toys. There was even a fish bowl next to me.



Over lunch we mapped out how to get to the Cluny Museum. By the time we were done eating the rain had stopped. 

The Cluny is set in one of the only two remaining house from the 15th Century.  However, house is a bit misleading – it was large.  It houses art from the Medieval and Renaissance periods.  It has a truly lovely collection of stained glass.  Diane was enraptured with it.



These little scenes are carved on narwhal tusks.



We never did figure out what this man is doing to that lion.



The museum has a fabulous tapestry collection.  It has the 5 panels of The Lady and the Unicorn tapestry. However, the lighting in that room was low to preserve the tapestries so I didn’t take any photos.  Here’s a different one intead.



Kathy, Here’s a dog figurine for you.



Here’s another one.



More of the lovely glass. 


I liked this small window.  Not sure if those are quails or pigeons.



The museum has lovely illuminated books. Here’s an illuminated letter from one page. 



The ceiling in the chapel was amazingly complex.


The last display room had shields and armor.  (This ones for you Dad.)



On Wednesday the temperature went up to 72º F so by Thursday blossoms, flowers and buds were bursting forth everywhere.



From here we tried to go home.  I got us on the right bus, but it was going the wrong way so we ended up riding almost the entire route. The bad part was that we were on it for more than an hour. The good part was we saw a lot of Paris that we wouldn’t have otherwise seen.

That night, we dined with the daughter of one of Kent’s childhood friends. She is studying in Paris. It was a true delight to see her.  The restaurant we chose served duck. Lots of it in lots of different ways. It was a good way to end our trip.



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