77/365 March 24: Food

We met up with Steve and his family at St. Chapelle. While we had a leisurely start to the day, the visited the Concierge where people where held before their trip to the guillotine during the revolution.  

From the chapel we took the train to the Bastille station. It was the closet stop to meeting our friends from school for lunch.  In the metro, I snapped these photos of the vending machines.  Lots of American treats, but a few European ones as well, such as the Haribo candies and the waffle.  I never see waffles in American vending machines, but here they are street and cafe food as well.


Paris is the only place where Evian is not outrageously priced.



We were dining at Le Petite Bofinger, the little sister of the famous Bofinger restaurant.  We had the three course fixed price menu and it was fabulous. I had a cheese soup as a starter, salmon for the main, and a lovely citrus fruit compote for dessert.  Everyone else had creme bruleé for dessert.



Across the street is the grand Bofiner.



The Bastille metro station is beneath this monument to the Bastille.  



We waited in vain here for a bus to the Isle St. Louis. There was a Communist protest gearing up that was forcing the closure of many roads. Police presence was increasing so we decided to start walking.



The island has been inhabited for a long time. It is quaint and lovely.  Here’s a shot of a window box for Mom.



We had planned to go shopping but it was getting late so Kent, Diane, Steve and I headed home.  Here we are crossing over the Seine to get to the right bank.  



Even the light posts are lovely in France.  Here’s a detail from one of them.  It’s for you, Dad.





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