75/365 March 22: Lunch, Batobus and Eiffel Tower

After the Louvre we walked to a nearby restaurant for lunch.  On the way we saw a Trane van.  My sister works for Trane and I see either one of their vehicles or one of their heating or cooling units in pretty much every country we visit.  Even Nepal.  I am never looking for them and I always laugh when I see them.  This one’s for you, Kathy!


At lunch, video games were played.



Paris style open-faced sandwiches, covered with delicious melted cheese were eaten.  Almost every lunch and dinner we ate came with a salad. It wasn’t even listed on the menu. All were good with fresh ingredients, not like the wilted, slimy ones served in Singapore and the US.



Chris discovered many new foods in this salad included beets, artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and Parma ham. She didn’t fall in love with any of them.



Here is my Quiche Lorraine.  It was so light and fluffy you could almost think it was low-cal. Almost.  I had Orangina to drink with it. Kent has a great Belgian wheat beer.



From there, we took the Batobus. It is a river taxi. Our ticket allowed us to get on and off it all day.  We took it to the Eiffel Tower.  The lines to take the elevator were very, very long.  It was around 4pm and people were in line to purchase tickets for the 9pm trip up the tower.   Instead, we looked around and ate ice cream cones – a much better use of our time.  The next time I go to Paris, I will go online weeks ahead of time and book a lunch at the restaurant on the second level. It has great views and from there you can take the elevator to the top.  It is much cheaper than the restaurant at the top. That one costs hundreds of dollars for a dinner.



Here is our Batobus.



Diane really enjoyed the Batobus.  It was a great way to see many sights from the comfort of your chair. 


From here, Kent, Diane, Chris and I went home.  The rest went on further adventures.



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