73/365 March 21: Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame cathedral took hundreds of years to build. Much of the work was done by the parish. 


The front face of the cathedral is full of statues.


Notice the statue holding his own head below? That’s St. Dennis and there are statues all over Paris of him holding his own head.  Most disconcerting. A bit like Nearly Headless Nick from the Harry Potter series.


One of the huge advantage of the flying buttresses on the outside of the building is that they hold up the heavy stone roof. That means the walls can be full of windows.  The stained glass at Notre Dame is glorious.



Here is the famous rose window.



There is plenty of statuary and art work inside the cathedral.  Here is a statue of Joan of Arc.


Notre Dame is on an island on the Seine river.  Here was the view as walked back to the right bank.



Once on the right bank we found a metro station and headed home.





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