72/365 March 21: Les Deux Maggots and Luxemborg Gardens

Sunday morning, Steve’s family went to church. Kent, Diane and I went to meet them after church. We took the metro.  Unfortunately, the metro station directly in front of the church was closed.  However, that worked out well because the one we took dropped us off near a restaurant we recognized from our list of recommended restaurants, Les Deux Maggotsf.  The restaurant was lovely, the hot chocolate so thick you could strain it through your teeth. The croissants melted in your mouth.  There were a number of dogs in the restaurant.  We enjoyed the one below.  It was on a leash but kept blocking the narrow aisles so its owner held it.  The dog was just fine with that arrangement.


On the plaza outside of St. Sulphice there were little girls riding push scooters, fat pigeons in bare trees, and picturesque buildings. 



The trees have fat buds waiting for warm weather to burst them open.



This is the only picture I took in the Luxemborg Gardens.  Most of the garden was still dormant but these forsythia were in full bloom.



From there we went to a creperie to eat a delicious lunch. We did a bit of shopping and then headed towards the Parthenon.  It is the final resting place of many famous French people, including Marie Curie and Louise Braille.



Here is the detail from the front entrance.



In addition to the crypt, the building is full of lovely tapestries and other works of art. 


I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this painting of Joan of Arc being anointed by an angel. Look closely and you’ll see she was using a drop spindle while tending her sheep.



Here’s a detail from the ceiling.



From there we walked to Notre Dame cathedral.  We passed this lovely flower shop on the way. Paris has many lovely flower shops. On my next visit to Paris I’ll make certain to visit the flower market.





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