71/365 March 20: Paris Day 1

We arrived in Paris with little incident.  Kent and I flew into Terminal 1 of Charles DeGaul Airport  which was a bit of a zoo with hundred of people being merged into poorly marked lines to get through immigration.  Fortunately I had my knitting which amused the other travelers to no end, and we were arriving head of the rest of Kent’s family so we had enough time.

We found our way via the airport shuttle to Terminal 2 where we connected with the rest of Kent’s family flying in from Dallas and Illinois.  The van arrived shortly after that and we were whisked away to the apartment we had rented.  On the way we glimpsed the Eiffel Tower.  We drove around the Arc de Triomphe and down the Champs Elyees.  We glimpsed the pyramid entrance to the Louvre.

The apartment had 4 stories, plenty of bathrooms, a laundry area and a full kitchen.  It worked really well for us.  Once we were settled, we headed out for lunch.  I wish I had snapped a photo of the great restaurant/bar on the corner of our street.  The food was great. The staff were very helpful and spoke a bit of English. I made good use of the Escargo app on my iPhone since all it does is translate food names from French to English. I had a great French wine with my lunch.

Next we wandered off in search of the Tourist Bureau to purchase our travel passes.  We purchased a five day Visité pass which gave us unlimited rides on the Metro, RER trains and buses.  We purchased the five day museum pass as well which gave us unlimited access to many museums, allowing us to see them in small doses rather than marathon session. It also let us bypass the long ticket purchase queues. 

Paris streets have been painted so often that they felt familiar. 


After the tourist bureau, we headed toward the Tuilaries Gardens. When he was Emperor, Napoleon dedicated these gardens to children and we did see many children there.  Children were sailing lovely boats in the fountains.  You could rent the boats from this woman.



After walking through a portion of the gardens, we headed into the courtyard of the Louvre.



From there we walked out onto a bridge on the Seine.  Here’s a detail from the exterior of the Louvre.



And here is part of our group resting on the bridge.



From here we walked home.  I went to bed around 4 pm and slept through the night, waking refreshed in the morning despite the torture device that was called a sleeper sofa.



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