59/365 March 4: New Growth, Over Growth, and Dr. Tan


I thought I had killed my pot of orchids.  It had a major infestation of ants and mites.  I spent a week trying to wash them off but hundreds remained and poured from the pot.  I tried ignoring them but the plant was being slowly killed by them. Finally I doused it with noxious chemicals.  That killed the bugs. However, with its weakened state it seemed to be killing the plant as well.  One arm died and the roots were brownish black instead of white. 

I kept watering it regularly am delighted to find it has been sending up new roots and has put up two new stems.  



I passed this in a shop window near my doctor’s office.  I find it interesting for a number of reasons.  I won’t ellaborate.



This was my destination, Dr. Tan’s clinic near school.  I feel fortunate to have such a good doctor so close at hand.



He drew some blood. Despite my vein’s obnoxious tendency to collapse when a needle is inserted into them, he managed to draw blood and only gave me a small bruise. I usually end up with a 3-4 inch bruise on my arm when people try to draw my blood.  In a few days I should have the results of the myco plasma test. I am predicting it will be negative, but went in for the test so that if it is positive, I can start treatment well in advance of my upcoming spring break trip.

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