56/365 Feb. 28 Conference and Construction

My Saturday got off to a great start when I attended Andrew Churches‘ learning institute focused on project-based learning.  I already knew Andrew from his work with the revised, digital version of Bloom’s Taxonomy.   He is brilliant, a good presenter, and entertaining to boot. I especially appreciate the work time he built into the session so we could apply what we were learning.


Here is a shot from the top floor of ASB. 


On on of my walks back to the Trident Hotel, I snapped a few photos.  I walked past a number of gravel piles.  Each had a dog perched on it. The local dogs were all of this basic size and shape, although color varied. 


Here is one section of the Trident Hotel in Bandra.


There is lots and lots of construction on the blocks between the hotel and the school. 


I saw a few of these tiny vehicles while in Mumbai.  I suspect they wouldn’t pass a crash test, but I’ll bet they are fuel-efficient. 


In the afternoon, I attended a really useful session presented by Kim Cofino and Chrissy Heller, both from the International School of Bangkok.


Their session, Hardware is Not Enough,  articulated the teacher-facilitator relationship.  You can view their slides here.




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