53/365 Feb. 24 Trident Hotel in Mumbai

I am in Mumbai for a conference.  We are staying at the conference hotel, Trident, Bandra Kurla Mumbai.  The hotel is very new. It was still under construction when we booked our rooms last fall.  The location is perfect, just a short walk from American School of Bombay which is the host and main venue of the conference.

The hotel is elegant.  The staff are excellent. I wish I had taken more photos.  Here is a view of the main lobby.  That enormous bouquet of yellow lilies is tended daily.


This multi-story ornametal structure was outside of the ballrooms where we attended the pre-conference session today with Bruce Dixon. This picture doesn’t capture its light, airy feel.  When I say it my second thought was, “Whoa! How would you ever keep it dusted?”



The pre-conference wasn’t what we expected, possibly because we are more knowledgeable than we realized. That is fortunate for me because I was allergic something that someone was wearing in the ballroom. No one else was having a reaction, only me. When I was in the room my allergies were a mess. If I even stepped outside of it I was dramatically better. I never figured who or what in the room was setting me off, but it made for a long day.  

Initially I thought it was the room itself, However, I was in that room for an entire morning later in the week and I had no problems so I assume I was allergic to something that someone near me was wearing on that first day.  



One thought on “53/365 Feb. 24 Trident Hotel in Mumbai

  1. Dear Guest,Thank you for your encouraging comments about Trident, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai on the “Eye of the Beholder” blog on 24th February, 2010. As you may know, we opened the hotel just three months ago, in December 2009, and a number of our guests have appreciated the architectural grace and interior detailing of the hotel. Thank you once again for your special mention. We are concerned to note that you had an allergic reaction to something in your meeting room on the day of your conference. We request you to please let us know if you recall any specific item in the room which may have caused this allergy, so that we could look into the matter more thoroughly and prevent any recurrence of a similar situation? You could write to us at gmoffice.tbk@tridenthotels.com at your convenience. We look forward to hearing from you and to welcoming you back to our hotel.Thank you.On behalf of the management of Trident, Bandra Kurla, Mumbai

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