49-50/365 Feb. 20: The Guest Room

When we moved to Singapore and were looking for a place to live, one of our requirements was a guest room in the hopes that people would visit us.  I hoped this room would be big enough to serve as a yoga and workout room as well, since I feel silly doing either in the living room in front of Kent.  He never does anything to make me feel silly, but I do anyhow.

I was delighted that the condo we decided upon has two guest rooms.  The smaller of them is usually buried in clutter, but the larger is my workout room when we don’t have guests.  When we moved here I brought my bicycle thinking I could ride, but between the heat and the danger from cars, I hate riding so much that I don’t do it.  I have quite a few friends who get up in the wee hours of the morning to bike, which is cooler and safer, but I haven’t been tempted to join them.  Instead I purchased a thingie that turns my road bike into a stationary bike.  I did a lot of research and this Kinetics model has worked out really well.  The back tire of the bike is held up by clamps and the back edge of the tire pushes against a fluid-filled axel-like thing.  The result is smooth increases and decreases of speed,  not the knee-damaging ride you get from devices that grab the wheel.  

When I ride it, I have the air con in front of me and a fan blowing from behind. I have my ipod on a speaker so I can listed to an audiobook, and I have my iphone strapped to the handlebars chiming out the intervals of maximum effort and rest strokes.  It works well and all without a trip to the gym.


This is my old bicycle, the one I purchased back in 1992 in preparation for my first Ride Across Minnesota to raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis.  By todays standards, it is a heavy bike but that doesn’t matter on a stand, and the wonderful aerobars give me a huge variety of grips.  I wish this type were still available.

See the wall decorations?  The framed rubbing on the wall is from Angkor Wat in Cambodia.  I think the weaving is from Indonesia.  Almost out of sight is a painting from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.


On the opposite wall are the pictures Kent hung last Friday before the Greens arrived. They are actually embroideries from Vietnam.  Two are scenes from Hoam Kiem Lake, and the other is Uncle Ho’s jungle home.  When guests are here the bed is centered beneath the pictures. When this is my workout room, I push the bed against the wall to give me more room. 


It is a very comfortable bed.  I’ve slept on it when sick and not wanting to keep Kent awake with my coughs and sneezes.  



One wall has two large windows.  This probably isn’t the best photo to show you that.



Here’s hoping this guest room will provide comfort to many more friends and hopefully a few family members as well.



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