46/365 Feb. 16 Another Spiral

(No picture taken on the 16th so this is a make-up photo.)

The past two weeks I haven’t found much time to knit.  Working late and running errands have gotten in the way.  However, this week I was able to knit in a meeting, and then knit at the hair cutters so the blanket continues to grow. As it grows, I continue to be disappointed that the yarn has so much blue.  I keep cutting the yarn and starting at a different point on the skein, but even so, too often the same color is right next to itself. 

On top of that, since I struggled so at the start, the inner most rectangle isn’t a perfect rectangle so the blanket will never be rectangular.  The yarn is wool and nylon, so I should be able to block it when I am done, but since the yarn is sticky like mohair, I wonder if it has much memory for blocking.  We will see.    


 I was thinking that it was looking too bad to actually be given as a gift, but now that I have photographed it, while I admit that it is rustic, it is worthy a being a gift to welcome a newborn.    It is appropriate that the parents are teachers.  Maybe they will appreciate it more when I tell them I learned a bunch knitting it.



One thought on “46/365 Feb. 16 Another Spiral

  1. I am liking it better now that it has a predominant color, for what that’s worth. Yes, this blanket is about the spiral and about having many colors (all of which are still obvious) but the blue ties it all together and is also pretty.

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