43/365 February 13, 2010 Sight Seeing with the Greens

The Green’s Air Asia Indonesia flight from Jakarta to Singapore was delayed by hours. Pretty bad considering the flight itself only takes 1 hour 40 minutes.  Pretty bad considering the same thing happened to us on that same flight in November.

As a result, the Greens slept in and then hauled two chairs out to our balcony to enjoy the view.  Ginny did sit out there for a while, but it was Batu who feel in love with the setup.  I had forgotten that in KL I had a chair on my balcony and she would spend hours a day on it.  That is what she has done this weekend.  

In addition to being a lovely place to enjoy the view and to nap, she discovered it is a great perch from which to bop Kapas on the head.


We all slept in a bit, ate a leisurely breakfast, and then worked out.  Kent and Thom played tennis, Ginny swam and I did weights.  Then after much investigation online we decided to check out the 14 gardens at the National Library.  

I was surprised to hear there were 14 gardens there. I had never been inside the National Library but I had seen it from the outside.  When we arrived, we asked the info desk and they sent us up to the 5th floor where we did indeed find a garden.



However, that was singular.  We did find one more on the 11th floor. It was of a similar size and shape.  We could see there was probably a roof-top garden, and there was a tree clump outside the lobby.  That’s four.  We couldn’t see the roof top garden. Access to that is restricted.  We didn’t see any hint of the other eleven gardens, but we had fun looking for them.



We did see interesting sights as we climbed the library’s floors. Here is a new shopping center called iluma. At night, those sections light up in different patterns.



Here is a view towards Marina Bay 


After I zoomed in a bit you can see the Singapore Flyer (a big ferris wheel for sight seeing) and boats out on the harbor. 





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