43/365 Feb. 13 2010: Arab Street and China Town

From the heights of the library we thought we glimpsed the golden domes of the big mosque on Arab Street. We took a chance and hiked that direction and found we were correct.  We wandered around, enjoying the sights Kampung Glam including the Sultan Mosque (or Masjid Sultan) at Bussorah Street.


From there, we headed back to Bugis MRT station and rode the trains to Chinatown.  Eu Tong Sen Street was all decorated for the new year and a platform with a large sound system was being erected. We also saw fireworks being hung up for lighting that evening.  Notice the cherry trees in bloom. They are fake trees but they look pretty good from a distance.




Each of the overpasses was decked out with festive decorations.


From there we tried to hike to Clarke Quay but we headed off in the wrong direction. Instead, we found the Blair Plain neighborhood which appears to be an upscale expat enclave.  In addition to glimsping a real train roundabout, and a Hindu temple, we had restorative drinks at a bar called The Speakeasy.  

From there, we caught a taxi back to Arab Street. In the shadow of the mosque we ate great Turkish food. Some of the best lamb I’ve ever eaten, a really flavorful couscous dish, a meat kabab, and flatbread.  It tasted great. From there we caught a taxi home.



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