42/365 Feb. 12, 2010

More Chinese New Year items today.  Here is a card I purchased.


This is part of the treat hamper I received from the Chinese Department.  In addition to this tray of savory treats, there was a big jar of cookies and a huge tray of jellied candies.  



I have a gardener who waters my plants at work each week. I could do that myself, but she also cares for them over the Christmas and summer holidays.  She replaces them during the year if they aren’t looking good.  She brought me a case of Mandarin oranges.  I gave her a red packet with money in it.




And this has nothing to do with Chinese New Year but it is picture-worthy for two reasons.  First, it is an order the vPost did not mess up.  Secondly, although I’ve picked most of them off, you can see a few packing peanuts still clinging the bottle.  However, they did not provide much protection. They are the type of packing peanuts that dissolve in water rather than lasting in landfills for eons.  However, here in Singapore it is so humid that even though the box looked fine, the peanuts inside were already dissolving.




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