36/365 Feb. 6, 2010: A Fit of Spring Cleaning

Knowing how busy our weeknights are, I have been trying to get the condo ready for next weekend’s guest.  I started by sorting through the guest room closets and bagging up things we no longer used.  For example, of the three beds in the condo, two are king sized and one is queen.  So far, no one has slept on the queen since we arrived here.  Why then do we have eight sets of sheets for that bed taking up cupboard space?

One of the sets I decided to keep because they are made of really comfortable material needed a bit of mending. Searching for my sewing kit which I never did find, I cleaned out all of the basket drawers in the living room.  Now all the stationery, and four drawers of computer-related items are organized. Cords are velcroed and put in bags. Headphones were bagged up to find new homes since I had more than I could use.  I also came across this nail clipper.  I bought it at Christmas time in the US and carried it back because we were hoping for something that worked better on the cats.  

It didn’t so I took its photo and posted it on our want-ads at work and now the deputy principal in the primary school has a new clipper to use on his dogs.




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