More of February 2: The View Outside the Middle School Library

One of the many great things about working at SAS is that on Tuesday afternoons, visually-handicapped two masseuses offer 20 minute massages for $15.  You can choose foot reflexology or shoulder massage. I prefer the latter.

Last year I helped Alice, the teacher who coordinates this, create a wiki to make it easier to sign up for time slots.  This made sign-ups so easy that many more people started signing up, so they went from offering the massages once a month to offering them weekly.  This was definitely a way that technology has improved my life.  I find it much easier to get out of bed and work out hard knowing that after school Suh Fung will work the knots out of my shoulders.

The massages take place in a side room in the middle school library.  Each Tuesday when I leave that library in a fine and mellow mood, I see these lovely plants.


If I pause and look over the railing down to the first floor, I see these large palms.



To give you a better idea of how large they are, that pillar is one story tall. 




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