35/365 February 5: A Bouquet and a Snuggle

During the Chinese New Year season, vendors bring lovely gift baskets to clients.  Our realtor often sends us a lovely basket full of sweets, biscuits, and even wine.

At work, the main IT Office is filling up with gift hampers.  StarHub provides our school internet and cable access. They sent this lovely bouquet. It originally had a large statue in the middle of it.  That has been placed safely away on a shelf.


I was reading a book on my iPhone before I fell asleep.  Usually Batu waits until I am done reading to climb onto the bed and snuggle against my legs.  Thursday night she snuggled up while I was still reading. I couldn’t see her but I angled my iPhone’s camera to allow me to snap the shot.  It is noisy due to the low light and the quality of the camera, but I’m glad I have a photo of her doing that.  I love sleeping with her snuggled against me.  It makes me relaaaaaax.



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