34/365 February 4: Talent

I am totally and completely in love with how my hand-knit socks look with my Mary Janes.  Clearly a match made in heaven.  I wish I would finish these baby blankets so I can knit more socks to wear with these shoes. 


I also really like how these Groovy Stripes socks turned out. The yarn was a birthday gift from my sister in 2008.  I worked on the socks last February when I was at a weekend Understanding By Design workshop in Ho Chi Minh City.  The workshop took place at Saigon South International School in their lovely new auditorium.  Our MKIS friends Adam and Kirke are at that school this year. Next year our SAS colleagues the Gallaghers will be there.  The international teaching community is a small one.

After school, Kent and I went to the final dress rehearsal of the IS Division Student Variety Show.  These kids must audition, and then they work hard for weeks perfecting the show. I loved it.  I love seeing the kids in this different context, love discovering skills I never knew that had.  I loved the variety of skits, from a Japanese drum troupe, to Korean hip-hop dancers, to poetry recitals, to skits, soccer drills to music, and so on.

Here is a clip from the opening.  Every child was part of this high-energy number. 

And here is a snip of a very talented fifth grade violinist.  I’ve taught her for three years, but as a specialist I didn’t know her well enough to even guess she had this talent.



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