33/365 February 2: New Camera Apps for My iPhone

On Tuesday evening I finally dove in and purchased a new camera app for my iPhone.  I purchased ProCamera. The big plus of this one was image stabilization and the ability to decide whether or not to save a photo.  It also said it allowed you to shoot video, but I haven’t found that capability.

I also purchased PhotoCooker to allow me to edit photos right on the phone.  I was hoping I could post directly from the phone to this photo blog, but I am finding PhotoCooker doesn’t enhance the photos as well as iPhoto, so I am still downloading them and posting from my computer.

It does make a difference.  I snapped these two photos in quick succession and then used PhotoCooker to adjust them.  The first on looks noisier but I suspect most people would prefer it to the second one which was canceling out the color changes brought on by indoor lighting.   Which do you prefer?



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