32/365 February 1: Of Locust, Opera and High Flyers

My first class came in excited about a big bug on the folding chairs.  I wasn’t sure which folding chairs they were talking about, but I forgot about the conversation until I was returning from lunch. As I walked down from the second floor to the first floor, I saw a cart of folding chairs and a large locust was still walking around on the cart.  

As cool as that was, my evening was even better.  I met Adrianne for dinner and then we went to see my colleague Kristin Symes singing the part of Musetta in the Singapore Lyric Opera Production of La Boheme. Kristin truly sparkled on the stage as her lovely voice soared over the ensemble and the orchestra. Such a fun role she had.  We  thoroughly enjoyed the performance. 

This was my first visit to Singapore’s iconic performing arts center, the Esplanade.  We had so much fun we are hoping to go see Chicago when the touring show comes through this spring.  I’m glad to have found friends who enjoy cultural events.  I’m glad to have them back in my life.


Afterwards, we decided to call for a taxi. While we waited, I realized we were near the Singapore Flyer, a huge ferris wheel that gives its riders a great view of Singapore. Last I heard the tickets were $25 per person but the ride lasts 30 minutes.  



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