30-31/365 The Woodgrove and Baby Gift Shopping

On the weekends, we often each one of our lunches are the Loy Key Chicken Rice shop across the street at The Woodgrove.  This past Sunday it was overcast and breezy so we ate outside.  The restaurant is on the corner. Here is the view down the sidewalk from there.  The lanterns are in honor of the rapidly approaching Chinese New Year.


When we sit outside at the restaurant, we see this intersection of Woodlands Ave 1 and our street, Woodgrove Drive.



I can’t remember where in the neighborhood I snapped this photo, but papaya trees spring up everywhere. You would think that a fruit which grows so large would need a more robust tree, but these are doing fine.


Sunday evening I went up to Causeway Point to purchase a baby gift for our friends Leanne and Kong Atung (sp?).  Their lovely little girl was born in October and Leanne was returning from maternity leave on Monday.   I had fun poking through all the wee little clothes.  Some of the cutest I avoided because they had silly things such as big buttons down the back.  That doesn’t sound very comfortable for a baby to lay on all day.  Others had adorable little skirts or pants that looked like they would be a real challenge to get on over a diaper. Many didn’t have snap open crotches so you had to undress the child each time you needed to change a nappy.  What were they thinking?


I am happy to report that  Leanne said the gifts were just perfect. The first gift she unwrapped where the teething rings you put in the freezer.  Since the baby just started gnawing on EVERYTHING in sight, they rushed those into the freezer.  And just that morning daddy was saying they needed to purchase some bibs since they didn’t have any, and voilá!  One of our gift outfits came with a bib. Of course, Leanne WOULD say such kind things, but I still felt like I’d done okay this time.



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