23/365 The Pleasures of a West-Facing Balcony in the Afternoon

Yeah, I know. This photo blog should be called All Cats All the Time.  However, I really wanted to captures these two shots.

The first shows Batu’s  favorite place to nap in the afternoon. Our balcony faces left and it has an overhang, but by late afternoon, the sun has warmed it.  She used to sleep in the full sun which worried me since she is white with pink skin. I’ve read that makes her more susceptible to skin cancer.  Now that I have big potted palms out there, she sleeps beneath them while she leans against the wall.  I’ve tried and tried to get a photo of her but she always wakes up when I go out with the camera. Today, Kapas was with her.  Kapas woke up but stayed put long enough for me to snap this shot. I would have liked better composition, but this was an acceptable compromise.


Later in the afternoon, I walked into the living room and saw this.  Just looking at it makes me want to take an afternoon nap.





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