22/365 Work and Play

This photo confirms that I should not shoot objects over my head with my iphone unless I have a camera app with image stabilization.  This is the first of the decorations they will put up.  It is in the hallway outside of their area.


This is the walkway from IT to my division.  These little palms used to be more numerous but some have died.  They are a great combination with the firecracker bushes because the tiny sunbirds sit in the trees and then dart down to hover and drink from the flowers on the firecracker bushes.  Unfortunately, I had my iphone, not my camera so I couldn’t zoom in. Even knowing where to look I can’t see the bird in this photo.



I can see it in this photo. It is beneath the right-most window.  I will be very impressed if you can spot it.



That night I met some of my knitting friends at the Jurong Library for a knit out.  As we waited to cross the street at the end of the evening, I snapped this photo over my head of some of the Chinese New Year decorations.





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